Delaware Defensive Driving Requirements

Defensive Driving Requirements

Before you begin any of our programs, you'll want to ensure that you meet the defensive driving requirements in Delaware. Luckily, since the course options are mostly voluntary, it is not difficult to qualify! Since there are three different programs in Delaware, the defensive driving requirements for eligibility are a little different for each:

Basic 6 Hour Course

  • This must be your first time taking a Delaware defensive driving course.
  • You will receive a mandatory 10% auto insurance discount.
  • You will receive a three point driving record credit.
  • You can renew these benefits in three years.

3 Hour Refresher Course

  • You must have taken a Delaware defensive driving course in the past.
  • Your auto insurance discount will increase to 15%.
  • Your three point driving record credit will be renewed.
  • You can continue to renew these benefits every three years.

Aggressive Driving Course

  • Completion of this program will satisfy your behavioral modification/attitudinal driving Course requirement.
  • You must complete this course within 90 days of your conviction date.
  • Failure to meet this requirement may result in the suspension of your driving privileges.
  • This course is typically taken on a Delaware DMV or court ordered basis.

Almost every Delaware driver is eligible for at least one of our programs. Simply select the course that you meet the defensive driving requirements for and Get Started Today!

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